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Heres What Customers Are Saying About Life Casted:

Ballet Foot Lifecast (Bronze Finish)


“Life Casted was recommended to me by a friend, who had her son cast when he was two months old. I am pregnant, due in two months, and I've already made my appointment to cast our newest edition. I am so excited to capture her little toes in a gorgeous keepsake!"


"It was a complete awesome process. almost like the pregnancy itself. to see it created from the beginning and then seeing the end... phenomenal"


"When I saw the photos you sent to my phone last night, it made me want to cry."


"I cast my grandfather's, my fathers, my own and my sons hands last year to commemorate Fathers Day for our four generations. I am so glad that I did, as my grandfather passed this year. His spirit still lives on in the beautiful casting made for us. Thank you for this irreplaceable memento of my dear grandfather."
SIMPLY AWESOME! Talking about capturing a moment! thank you so much!"


"When we saw our casting for the first time, I'll admit BOTH of us teared up!"


From newborn infants to treasured grandparents, we work closely with families
just like yours to capture your life's memories.