Life Casted - Capturing life one moment at a time!
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About Life Casted

Child and Adult Hand Lifecast (bronze finish)

We are a full service life casting and sculpture studio founded by artists and lifecasting specialists. At Life Casted we offer lifecasting services for a broad range of clientele. Specializing in uniqueness, and the individual experience, every project is tailored to fit the specific needs and vision of each client.

Life Casted is dedicated to capturing the unique beauty of an individual through lifecasting - capturing a moment in time. We talk with each customer about their ideas, share ours, and ultimately create a one-of-a-kind sculpture of lasting beauty.

Let your mind wonder. Let your imagination take over as you consider all of the possibilities. We use our talents to help you create timeless art that captures a moment in your own life.

*Prior to your appointment, we will contact you to discuss “strategies for lifecasting success” (such as determining baby’s nap and feeding schedule, dressing the baby in loose-fitting clothes, feeding the baby during the appointment, removal of adult jewelry, etc.). Please know that, as parents ourselves, we understand that working with young children calls for flexibility and creativity.
In case your child just isn’t having a good day, rest assured that we are more than happy to try again another day!

Also, in your telephone consultation, we will advise you of your deposit amount, which will be due at the scheduling time of your lifecasting appointment. We will also review your final payment amount that will be due upon delivery of your lifecast sculptures. Life Casted currently accepts cash, credit cards, and Pay-Pal as payment methods at all lifecasting appointments, sculpture delivery appointments, and for on-line purchase of gift certificates.

At the time of your appointment, your artisan will discuss, preparation with you, They will use a skin safe powder and cool to luke warm water, which creates a gel-like casting medium. Your subject’s hands,feet or object are then placed one at a time into the medium, which solidifies into a soft, rubber-like consistency within 1-5 minutes. Depending on on the body part to be casted, we then use plaster bandages to form a shell around the new gel-like mold Then the casting medium is removed from the subject’s reach and the process is repeated as needed on your subject’s opposite hand or foot or etc. Your lifecasting appointment will take approximately one hour, depending on your subject’s needs and mood.
Your artist then will return your lifecasting molds to our studio, where your gypsum models are immediately created and perfected by hand. Finally, after being colored with your chosen patina, the sculptures are then ready for pick up.

Capture your fondest memories, and obtain a unique and beautiful piece of artwork.

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